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 Homes for rent, Long term rentals and short term vacation rentals on the beach in Sandy Bay, Roatan Honduras


Rates Start at $180 p/Night **

High Season/Holiday Rates May Differ

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Rates Start at $80 p/Night **

High Season/Holiday Rates May Differ


Rates Start at $100 p/Night

High Season/Holiday Rates Higher **

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Our 6 Acre garden of Eden, we call The Sanctuary, is located off of The Sanctuary Rd in Sandy Bay, Roatan, 2 drive ways West of Anthony's Key.


Here you’ll find over 40 fruit and palm trees to enjoy fresh fruit like Apples, Mangos, Bananas and Cashews (when in season).


The Sanctuary is fenced and Gated and has both a full time, onsite property manager as well as a nighttime security guard. The Sanctuary has 300 ft of private beach, shared with a few other residents and a newly renovated dock. For those who enjoy scuba diving residents can be picked up without having to leave the safety and comforts of the property. The property is also within a Marine Reserve with The Reef just 100ft away and a Dolphin Pen 50ft away.


Anthony's Key is two few blocks away and can actually be seen from the Beach. There are tons of amazing spots to eat and drink, plus catching a taxi is very easy and only a few $$. See more here.

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