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MARCH 2023

NO Proof of Vaccination or Testing requirements are required to get INTO Honduras at this time :)

NO Proof of Vaccination or Testing is Required to get Back into CANADA OR THE UNITED STATES. ALL Covid Restrictions or Travel requirements have been lifted at this time.

FEB 2023 - Roatan has Removed the PRE-CHECK FORM REQUIREMENT:

If you plan to fly to Roatán (or anywhere in Honduras) from abroad, please note that:​

  1. You must present a negative result of a PCR test, or a rapid test with a minimum specificity of 85% and a minimum sensitivity of 98% for COVID-19, in either case from not more than 72 hours before entering Honduras UNLESS

    • You have been Fully Vaccinated (i.e. its been More than 14 Days since you received your Vaccination) in which case NO Covid Test Required to ENTER :) Be sure to carry a Digital Copy or Proof of Vaccination with you at all times.

  2. You must comply with the protocols established in the International Health Regulations at the time of entry into Honduras (clinical evaluation and, if deemed necessary, mandatory quarantine) - Currently there are NO Covid outbreaks or Quarantine measures in Honduras.

  3. You must be at the airport at least 3 hours prior to any flight originating in Honduras

  4. To get BACK INTO THE U.S.A as of JUNE 12 2022 you NO LONGER NEED TO BE COVID TESTED :) :) :)

  5. To get BACK INTO CANADA you will be required to show Proof of a Negative PCR Test that needs to be taken within 72 Hours of Arrival, regardless of vaccination status. Miriam can help you arrange that. As of February 28th 2022 you can show either a negative Antigen test OR PCR test taken no later than 24hrs of your scheduled flight or arrival into Canada.

    • Canada also requires completion of additional steps via their ArriveCAN APP regardless of citizenship and vaccination status.

    • More details are here in the (translated) release.

    • To help with Testing Requirements we can have someone from the Clinic come to the Sanctuary $120

    • Or if you are out and about Clinica West Bay can do a PCR Test with a 12 Hour turn around also for $120

  6. If you are coming to Roatán from the United States, you can use this website to look up a testing facility that will satisfy the entry requirements imposed by Honduras.


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