September 8, 2020 8:33 p.m. (CST)

We have had a lot of questions about what it is “really” like right now on Roatán.  Hopefully, you will have gleaned a lot of that information from our semi-daily posts, but a few quick items:

  • tourists are not subject to the number/digit circulation system

  • masks are required and highly encouraged, but nothing (legally speaking) will happen to anyone that doesn’t wear one

  • there is an 8pm curfew; this does not mean that as a tourist you need to be in bed, but it does mean that most businesses will be closed by that time

  • if you arrive with a rapid test (as opposed to a PCR test), you are required to self-quarantine; practically speaking no one will have any idea whether you arrived with a PCR test, a rapid test, or via the mainland, in which case no test is required

  • even if you subscribe to the “plandemic” theory, there are a lot of people on the island that are sick with something, so use your common sense

September 5, 2020 7:59 a.m. (CST)

We understand that United has cancelled scheduled flights from Houston IAH to Roatán RTB on October 3 and October 10 (and maybe the 17th–it looks like that route now begins on October 24).  American flights remain scheduled out of Miami MIA.

September 4, 2020 8:48 a.m. (CST)

Notes from today’s call with Governor Dino Silvestri:

  • there are currently 17 COVID patients in the hospital and 16 in the COVID center; there are a “lot of people with COVID at home”

  • the “trial” run for the Galaxy Wave (ferry between Roatán and La Ceiba) is today; semi-regular service should resume next week (check their webpage for schedule)

  • the authorities are still working out the details for the Utila Dream

  • cruisers/boaters can now come on to the island for purposes of completing customs and other entry requirements (Plaza Mar)

September 2, 2020 9:35 p.m. (CST)

Nana dumped nearly 3.5 inches on us today in West End, but wind gusts never exceeded 50mph and the island is very accustomed to dealing with storms like this.  Nothing to report!

August 23, 2020 11:55 a.m. (CST)

From our friends at The Beach House Boutique Hotel in West End who just flew BACK INTO ROATAN FROM MIAMI:

A little recap of our experience flying from Miami to Roatán on yesterday’s American Airlines flight:

  • you need to have results of a PCR test taken within 72 hours of the flight (you CAN use a rapid test that meets the requirements of 85% specificity and 98% sensitivity, but you’ll have to quarantine for 14 days); obviously in any case the test must be negative

  • they are VERY STRICT on the 72 hours requirement–do not expect to talk your way on to the flight with a sob story about how your test is just hours too old and it was the best you could do etc (also, Adobe Acrobat, folks)

  • you must have completed the Honduran pre-check (note that (i) you must wait until you are inside of 72 hours to your scheduled departure prior to filling out the form and (ii) this website is pretty easy to navigate using Chrome ON YOUR COMPUTER–it does not work well on mobile devices)

  • you must have paper copies of both your test results AND the pre-check (the latter will be emailed in PDF form to you–print it out)

  • you will be asked to show both at multiple points prior to boarding the flight and after arriving in Roatán

  • we suggest arriving at the airport in the U.S. at least three hours in advance of your scheduled flight

  • be sure to check in with the gate agent EVEN IF you have your boarding pass–they will want to see your test results and the pre-check, don’t wait until you are trying to board

  • you will of course be required to wear a mask throughout the flight and at both airports, and you will be asked to maintain social distancing outside of the airplane

  • please note that all of your bags (carry-on and checked) will be sprayed with a bleach solution upon arrival in Roatán; keep this in mind when selecting what you bring (you could put a bag inside another bag if you want to protect it–they only spray the outside)

  • you will not be tested again upon arrival in Roatán

August 22, 2020 6:55 a.m. (CST)

Today the authorities released a notice regarding the first phase of reactivation of the tourism industry in Roatán.  In sum, tourists will be able utilize their hotel reservation, ticket for air, land or sea travel, or other related travel documentation as their “salvo conducto”, which is required to be shown by a tourist to the police and other authorities when moving around the island. 


*** In other words, you will need to keep those documents with you whenever you move around the Island.  If you are staying with us at The Sanctuary, we will provide you with the necessary documentation and explain the process to you. 


On another note, we have friends at The Beach House Boutique Hotel who just flew back into Roatan and this was their experience:

"We checked in at MIA for the AA flight to Roatán.  So far, the process has been relatively smooth, albeit slow.  In order to obtain a boarding pass, you will be required to affirm that you have completed the Honduran pre-check and show the results of a COVID-19 PCR test from within the last 72 hours (we used this service in Miami, it was $99 and they returned results in 48 hours). Note that these requirements mean that you cannot check in online and you cannot use a kiosk–you must visit an assistant at the check in desk".

August 21, 2020 3:21 p.m. (CST)

Today a new circulation regime was announced, which essentially extends the previous curfew and number system into the weekends.  Still only a single digit per day, but at least we have some movement on the weekends.

It looks like Tropical Depression 14 is going to sail a little east of Roatán, and hopefully the Bay Islands entirely.

August 20, 2020 8:41 p.m. (CST)

Well it’s 2020 so of course there are two possible hurricane-strength storms forming in the Caribbean.  It looks like #13 will head mostly northwest, towards Florida, while #14 is expected to track more closely to the Bay Islands.  We are expecting a lot of rain and hoping for not much more, especially as Roatán is expected to welcome its first international flight on Saturday, August 22.  There have been a lot of domestic visitors to Roatán over the past week, and so far everything seems to have gone pretty well.

Do note that the Bay Islands have developed specific procedures for businesses and that your visit to Roatán might be different than your last one.  There are curfews, there are limitations on when one can “circulate”, there are requirements to obtain PCR testing before you arrive, there are a lot of biosecurity protocols–and not all of it makes sense.  But through it all, please remember that Honduras generally, and the Bay Islands specifically, lacks the resources to mount an effective fight against a major COVID-19 outbreak. We encourage you to do your part while you are here to help with that effort, even if it is inconvenient.

August 17, 2020 4:04 p.m. (CST)

Not much has changed since last week, Roatán remains on the number system for circulation and with the same 8pm curfew.  However–today did mark the first day of international flights!!  Do note that if you plan to visit Roatán, you will be subject to whatever rules of circulation and/or curfew is in place during your visit.  In some areas of the island, this won’t matter too much, as you’ll be able to walk around and generally see whatever you want.

August 13, 2020 4:35 p.m. (CST)

If you plan to fly to Roatán (or anywhere in Honduras) from abroad, please note that:

  1. You must complete the information on this pre-check form, which includes:

    • immigration form

    • health surveillance form

    • sworn statement relating to the country’s health regulations

    • customs form

  2. You must present a negative result of a PCR test, or a rapid test with a minimum specificity of 85% and a minimum sensitivity of 98% for COVID-19, in either case from not more than 72 hours before entering Honduras

  3. You must comply with the protocols established in the International Health Regulations at the time of entry into Honduras (clinical evaluation and, if deemed necessary, mandatory quarantine)

  4. You must be at the airport at least 3 hours prior to any flight originating in Honduras

More details are here in the (translated) release.

August 10, 2020 10:45 a.m. (CST)

Last night, the central government extended the national curfew until 11pm on Sunday, August 23.  The digit system for circulation during the week has been extended for those two weeks as well (beginning today with the number 1).  The hours of the weekday curfew have been reduced somewhat, the curfew is now 8pm until 6am (meaning that circulation is allowed on weekdays from 6am until 8pm, subject to the number system). This obviously creates a bit of confusion with the re-opening of the country and weekend flights, but that’s what we know.

Roatán suffered an earthquake this morning, magnitude 5.7.  We are not aware of any injuries or significant damage.

Domestic flights to Roatán this week still require approval from the authorities (this will require proof of a negative test, rapid or otherwise). The domestic airlines are apparently familiar with this procedure. International opening is still scheduled for August 17.

August 9, 2020 11:11 a.m. (CST)

Update (9:22 a.m. Aug 9): Information from AA network planning is that the August 22 flight to RTB remains on schedule with no changes.

Update (2:05 p.m.): We don’t know yet whether the flight is cancelled or not–we are getting conflicting reports.  If you are booked on the flight, you may want to check with AA.

We have unconfirmed reports that the AA flight to RTB scheduled for August 22 has been cancelled.  We are investigating and will let you know if we are able to confirm.


August 8, 2020 8:30 p.m. (CST)

Minor curveball tonight–the internal re-opening of Honduras will only include the airports in San Pedro Sula, Tegucigalpa and La Ceiba.  Roatán remains with the entry restrictions that it has had for some time–no change.  We shall see what happens with the international reopening scheduled for August 17. For now, we understand that American Airlines is scheduled to arrive at RTB on August 22, but there are a lot of days between now and then!


August 7, 2020 8:19 a.m. (CST)

Circulation is still restricted by the number system, with no circulation allowed on the weekends.  The first international flight (American Airlines) is scheduled for August 22, so something will have to change by then. However, it sounds like there will be some restrictions on movement of tourists and other visitors to the island, so pick your destination with care!  A place like West End, which has many restaurants and bars and is entirely walkable, is great for this situation.

Local officials are hoping to require rapid tests for people entering Roatán via domestic flights (which begin on August 10).  TBD on this, they are awaiting authorization from the central government.


August 4, 2020 9:30 p.m. (CST)

CONFIRMED!!  Honduras will be opening domestically on August 10 and internationally on August 17.  The flight tables below (see July 28) appear to be accurate to and from the U.S. and Canada.


August 4, 2020 9:15 p.m. (CST)

SINAGER released results of testing tonight; no new cases in the Bay Islands.

Rumors are that the first international flights will be August 17 and the first U.S. flight will be August 22 (this lines up with the flight schedule that we published below on July 28).  More as we know it.


August 4, 2020 6:07 p.m. (CST)

Still no news on the reopening (we were supposed to hear something yesterday or today).

Regarding the virus: “we do not have a reduction in the number of cases, only a reduction in the number of tests.”


August 3, 2020 8:05 p.m. (CST)

The numbers got a little more confusing tonight; SINAGER released a notice with no new cases in the Bay Islands, but the local health authorities confirmed six new cases from the “laboratorio regional”, which may mean the PCR machine on island (not sure).  In any event, we now have 134 active cases in the Bay Islands.  As you know by now, testing is so far behind, these numbers are more like a trailing index than a gauge of current activity, but they’re all we have to go on.

We still have no news on reopening, but rumors continue to point to August 10 for an internal date.

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