The latest information is that the airlines are booking flights with the following tentative scheduling, subject of course to changes based on the borders being open and the COVID situation:

If you are coming to Roatán from the United States, you can use this website to look up a testing facility that will satisfy the entry requirements imposed by Honduras.



AMERICAN (not sure)


  • ​Daily from December 16 until February 11

  • Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from February 13, 2021


  • Saturday only from November 28

  • Wednesdays from December 2020


AVIANCA (Updated as of 7.17.21)

  • Daily flights into SAL but not to RTB (will need to add the final connecting flight)


DELTA AIRLINES (Updated as of 7.17.21)

  • Fridays Only (Their fares seemed a lot pricier compared to other airlines)



  • Friday only from December until March or April


UNITED AIRLINES (updated 7.17.21)

  • Saturday and Sunday Only until November 2021 

  • November 2021 adds Thurs and Friday 

  • Daily flights from December 2021


CANADIAN CARRIERS - I know Emergency Orders have been lifted for most parts of Canada since June 9th and June 30th for BC so I am assuming your flights will be resuming as normal. However I also heard the Border was still closed to Foreign Travelers. Not sure what it means for Canadians traveling internationally, please check with your Embassy before booking a flight.

  • YYZ-RTB​

  • Thursday December 24 until April 1, 2021


  • ​Thursday from December 24 until April 8, 2021




  • Monday from December 14 until April 5, 2021


  • Monday from December 14 until April 5, 2021



  • Sunday only from December 13 until April 18, 2021 (HAVE CONF ALL FLIGHTS CANCELLED 12/4-1/4/21)


Regarding Canadian air routes, we know that Sunwing has canceled through February 2021 and that Air Transat and WestJet are canceled through the end of 2020 (though apparently some people with WestJet tickets are still showing as available / not canceled, so who knows). Canada has also stated that it will be offering international passengers COVID tests as a means to relaxing quarantine rules (which is currently 14 days, not 15 as we incorrectly stated below).

If you plan to fly to Roatán (or anywhere in Honduras) from abroad, please note that:

  1. You need to complete the information on this pre-check form, which includes:

    • immigration form

    • health surveillance form

    • sworn statement relating to the country’s health regulations

    • customs form

  2. You need to present a negative result of a PCR test, or a rapid test with a minimum specificity of 85% and a minimum sensitivity of 98% for COVID-19, in either case from not more than 72 hours before entering Honduras (See June 1st 2021 UPDATE Below)

  3. You must be at the airport at least 3 hours prior to any flight originating in Honduras

More details are here in the (translated) release.


As of June 1st 2021

Great News. No COVID Test is Required to enter Honduras if you have been FULLY Vaccinated more than 14 Days. If you are not vaccinated you will still be required to provide proof of COVID Test either Via Antigen Test or PCR test. You will still be required to complete the Pre-Check and Health form. Instead of uploading your Covid test you can upload a copy of your proof of vaccination and are required to carry the original card with you during your travels.

Here is a guide (PDF) to completing the mandatory pre-check documentation, required both entering and leaving Honduras.

November 24, 2020 9:03 a.m. (CST)

Good news for travelers on United traveling to Roatán (RTB) via Houston (IAH).  United Airlines has announced a program to test travelers using a mail in kit ($119). This promises to vastly simplify the process of obtaining a timely, compliant test for visiting the sunny Caribbean!

October 23, 2020 12:20 p.m. (CST)​

In Latin America, Costa Rica has announced that it will no longer require PCR testing for tourists.  Hopefully, Honduras follows suit in a thoughtful manner; after all, everyone wants to remain safe–but bring on the sun, scuba, and monkey lalas, right?!


We hope to see you soon on Roatán.


Please read through the Covid-19 page for up to date info on the current situation and what to expect in Roatan.



Honduras does not have a travel ban on any nation. The USA, Canada, and the UK are among 84 countries with no visa requirements for Honduras. As always, non-Honduran citizens and Honduran citizens entering from a foreign country will be required to present a passport with at least six months’ validity beyond return travel dates.


** NOTE: If you reside in or are traveling en route from South America to Honduras, you will be required to show proof of the Yellow Fever Vaccination as well.